Green Village is a vinyl imprint founded in 2013 out of a warehouse commonly referred to as Green Villain. Located in a 70k sq ft industrial complex the space was the focal point to Jersey City's underground art and music scene. Having thrown parties under the name and inside the space, Green Villain, the label was created to distinguish the difference from the art and the music endeavors ran by Cloy, Em-Et and Hilla. 

Rebecca Brandt - Numbers & Shapes Revisited [GV001] Digital
Policy - Come Through For Me [GV002]
Dakini9 - Iron Jungle EP [GV003]
Fox - Yoaki EP [GV004]
VA - Village Elders 001 [GV005]
Franklin De Costa - Good Day, Bad Day EP [GV006]
DJ Spider - 1º EP [GV007]
VA - Village Elders 002 [GV008]
Ali Asker - Ascent EP [GV009]

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