Archive of B.Traits debuting DJ Spider's track Satsang on BBC Radio 1. DJ Spider ‘1º EP’ is released on Vinyl only on 21st March 2017.


A1. Space Jungle
A2. Satsang
B1. Divide & Conquer
B2. Urantia of Nebadon

Except from GV007 Press Release:  Renowned for being at the forefront of the re-emergence of New York’s house and techno scene in 2008, DJ Spider has made numerous appearances at Berghain, FreeRotatation and Concrete, not to mention prestigious imprints like The Trilogy Tapes, Killekill, Rekids, and many others. Comprised of various ethereal elements, ‘Space Jungle’ is a deep and meandering production that’s anything but straightforward. ‘Satsang’ then combines tranquil chords with an ever-evolving infectious melody before ‘Divide & Conquer’ demonstrates a compelling groove with twisted samples and shadowy effects. ‘Urantia of Nebadon’ then concludes the package with menacing synths and distorted nuances. ‘Some of these tracks date back to 2006 when I had my studio on 212th Street in Manhattan! Some others were recorded in my old studio in the Bronx as well. This record has oldies, but goodies’ - DJ Spider